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Digital prowess for

doctors and patients

CheckApp is a total medical solution that lets you connect with hospitals, medicals professionals, diagnostic centers, clinics and even paramedic providers all in one place.

Medical services

within your reach

Let CheckApp provide you all nearby healthcare services accredited by your HMO subscription and be in the loop with up-to-date stories and tips to stay healthy and informed.

Appointments with

doctors made easy

Get rid of long queues and start setting up an appointment to doctors whom you trust. Browse for doctors and choose a schedule that both of you can agree upon.

Your new HMO

sidekick is here

Keep track of all your transactions and enjoy more peace of mind along the way. Let CheckApp remember it all for you. See pending and approved requests from your HMO provider.

Access your

records anywhere

Gone are the days of unorganized and burdensome medical records. Once you consult your doctor, receive results on your smartphone. Your records all in a single platform, accessible when you need it.